The BLB Difference

A departure from the norm.

The BLB Difference

Senior-level support, always
I will execute every facet of your PR program, ensuring that all of your communications efforts are driven by an experienced practitioner with the knowledge and skill-set to produce results.

Your success is my success
I have built a business based on my reputation for producing results and have a vested interest in our mutual success. Challenges will surely emerge along the way, but we’ll work together to overcome them. We succeed together.

I’ll get it
I will develop a comprehensive understanding of your business, including technology, competitive differentiators, what drives your growth, and goals across marketing and sales, while taking into account industry trends and issues, to help develop and execute the most successful PR strategy that complements your ongoing corporate efforts.

My business is structured such that I can deliver high-quality results and strategic guidance at rates that are significantly lower than what you’ll typically find at a traditional agency.

Scalability, as needed
While I am a sole practitioner, I am also tapped into a group of smart, independent consultants that can help quickly expand any program on an as-needed basis.

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