My commitment to you.


Part of your team
It is my mission to act not merely as an outsourced vendor but as an integral component of your communications marketing team. There is no better way to develop trust, mutual respect and a comprehensive understanding of our shared challenges and opportunities, to ultimately make the best recommendations and offer the most strategic guidance for your company.

Communication and more communication
Regular and consistent communication is imperative. You’ll always know what I’m working on and where we stand with day-to-day program initiatives and action items.

I will approach your communications program with tenacity and ongoing commitment to execute on the plan we develop, while being flexible to adapt to changes along the way.

Meeting deadlines
I understand that PR is just one piece of the marketing puzzle that must come together for your business to be successful. I will fulfill my commitments on time, every time, to help keep your business running smoothly and effectively.

Trust, morals, ethics
They’re all important. Honesty and transparency are key in communications, especially in the digital age. You will see this not only in our work together but also in the work that I do on your behalf.

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